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11/17/17 Week In Review

Hello Dems,


Thank you to everyone that came out to trivia night this week! Here is your week in review. Friendly reminder, there is no class next week and therefore no IU Dems meeting.


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Good News

  1. ​The Homeland Security head of community outreach has resigned after comments he made about “blacks turning cities into slums” surfaced (CNN).
  2. The NCAA champion women’s basketball team from South Dakota declined President Trump’s white house invitation (Bleacher Report).


Bad News

  1. Part of the Keystone Pipeline has been shut down after over 200,000 gallons of oil were spilled in South Dakota in a leak on Thursday (NBC).
  2. The New York Times published a staggering op-ed about the increased number of pledge deaths occurring in fraternities across the country (NYT).
  3. The Trump administration is set to roll back the Obama-era ban on bringing trophies of dead elephants into the country from Zimbabwe (ABC).Also, that disgusting picture of Don Jr. holding a knife and the tail of a dead elephant has begun recirculating the internet.
  4. Roy Moore is a pedophile (NYT). Senator Al Franken isn’t funny and groped a woman (NYT). And President George H.W. Bush has groped at least 5 women, but probably more (CNN). President Trump came after Senator Franken, as if he has any room to talk.
  5. Jared Kusher “withleld” (read: lied about)  emails regarding both WikiLeaks and Russia (BBC).


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Enjoy the break from class! May your week be filled with food you didn’t pay for and naps you need to catch up on.


Courtney Schwerin