Monroe County

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The 2016 elections have now passed.  While the results were disappointing on the state and national level, Democrats won every single one of their races locally. We could not have done so without the hard work of the hundreds of people who came out to knock on doors, make phone calls, register voters, give rides to the polls, and contributed financially to Democratic campaigns.

The election is behind us, but our hardest work lies ahead.  We are going to build on our success locally and push back against the exclusionary agenda of the GOP on the State and federal level.   We will support our local Democratic leaders as they serve as a model for progressive leadership in Indiana. We will find new ways preserve and expand our grassroots network and use it as a vehicle for positive social change.

We can’t do any of this without you.


Democracy for Monroe CountyDFMC

Democracy for Monroe County (DFMC) is a political action committee dedicated to recruiting and supporting fiscally responsible and socially progressive candidates at the local and state levels. DFMC is part of a nationwide coalition of grassroots groups allied with Democracy for America, the political action committee inspired by the presidential campaign of Howard Dean. DFMC meets on the first Thursday of every month.


Democratic Women’s Caucuslogo500

The Democratic Women’s Caucus Mission: To fund, inspire, recruit, support, and train progressive women to increase the numbers of women in the electoral process and in elected and appointed positions.

The Democratic Women’s Caucus meets on the first Friday of every month at the Village Deli on Kirkwood at 7:30 a.m. for breakfast. All Progressive-minded individuals are welcome to attend.

Ninth District Democratic Party9th_Dist._Dems.jpg

The Ninth District Democratic Party is the official arm of the Indiana Democratic Party for the Ninth Congressional District of Indiana.