College Democrats at IU Executive Board

final6President - Terry Tossman

As President, Terry is tasked with being the primary representative of the IU Dems to the school, Democratic Party and community. Terry is also in charge of directing the overall strategy and direction of the organization for the 2017 year. Terry sought the role of President because he wanted to ensure that all students on campus felt welcome and safe while pushing for progressive values in the city of Bloomington. Terry also seeks to make IU a more sustainable campus and get more students involved in the political process whether it is through voting or working for a political campaign.


finalVice President - Raegan Davis

As Vice President, Raegan works together with other members of the board to brainstorm ideas for meetings, speakers, panels, and events the IU Dems can organize. She then develops those ideas into tangible events and drums up support for them by communicating through other student groups and departments in an attempt to build a sense of community within Indiana University. Raegan pursued this position because she believes that group cohesion is key to furthering our goals of promoting progressive causes and that a unified, informed, and inclusive group of liberal students is the most capable advocate for change.



final1Director of Communications - Courtney Schwerin

As Director of Communications, Courtney’s main responsibility is making sure everybody is connected and in the loop. This includes sending weekly emails to members and managing the group’s social media. This semester Courtney’s biggest initiative has been the “week in review” emails where she sends a comprehensive email of the week’s news, with reliable sources, to IU Dems members. She has also spent a lot of time developing a new social media strategy which has seen great success. One of Courtney’s biggest priorities for her tenure with IU Dems is to expand the reach and influence of IU Dems outside of Bloomington.



final2Director of Political Affairs - Paige Settles

As Director of Political Affairs, Paige’s responsibilities primarily involve formulating policy for the College Democrats at Indiana University. This includes drafting policy proposals on specific issues, weighing in on messaging decisions, and developing the organization’s platform. Paige is involved with IU Dems because she believes in the Democratic Party’s ability to improve the IU campus, the Bloomington community, the state of Indiana, and the overall direction of our nation. Her primary goal while in this position is to continue making progress toward a safer, more inclusive campus and community for all Hoosiers.



Director of Outreach - Brooke O'Connor

As the Director of Outreach, Brooke is primarily tasked with serving as the official representative of College Democrats to other campus organizations. She is also tasked with ensuring that lasting relationships with other student groups are built, maintained, and properly utilized. Brooke wanted to serve in this position because she’s deeply committed to the agenda of the Democratic Party and the values of democracy, thus wants to make the student voice heard across campus and to increase our prominence and exposure, thereby building grassroots support in achieving Democratic goals. Brooke wants to ensure that student groups are made aware of the opportunities to participate in College Democrats events, or at the very least, become more active in the political process at the local level.



Adviser - David Pace

As Faculty Advisor, David Pace has been actively working with the College Democrats since 2010 and with progressive causes and the Democratic Party for the past half century.  He is an emeritus professor in the IU History Department.  As a non-voting member of the executive board, his primary role is to provide continuity and to serve as a repository for the experience of previous boards.  David continues to hold this position because watching the current generation of college students approach the challenges of our time with such clarity, insight, and energy gives him hope for the future.