Week In Review 11/10/2017

Hello Dems,


HUGE THANK YOU to everyone that came out to Wednesday’s Year in Review event! Y’all had such great contributions. I’m in awe. If I was as eloquent and well informed as many of you freshman are when I was a freshman, I would be in a much better place now as a senior. Silently cries. Here is your week in review with some critical announcements.


IU Dems Exec Board Elections

Fill out this Google form if you are running for a position. You can find more info about the specific positions on the IU Dems constitution. IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS, PLEASE EMAIL US AND ASK. We are always available to chat or answer questions.


Your Voice Matters canvas

Whentomorrow (Saturday Nov. 11, either 11AM or noon)

Where: Monroe County Dems HQ, 116 S. Madison St.

What: Remember, Penny came and talked to all of us about this? Your Voice Matters is a canvassing campaign wherein we are having simple conversations with folks in Bloomington about what they would like to see from the local and national party. Bonus, there will be free pizza for everyone that attends!


Trivia Night

WhenWednesday November 15, 7PM

Where: GIS room 1100

What: YOUR FAVORITE EVENT FROM LAST SEMESTER IS BACK. Categories include “Netflix and Capitol Hill.” RSVP here and bring your biggest policy buff friend.


White House Wednesday

WhenWednesday November 15, 12:30-1:30PM

Where: first floor of the O’Neill Graduate Center (new SPEA part)

What: White House Wednesdays serve as weekly opportunities for SPEA to hold a public forum to address new policy directions for the current administration. This week’s panel will be moderated by SPEA faculty member John Karaagac, and will feature faculty members Marjorie Hershey and Paul Helmke, as well as representatives from the College Democrats and College Republicans.



Good News

  1. After being introduced on Tuesday, the Senate unanimously approved legislation on Thursday that institutes mandatory sexual harassment training for senators and aides. The passing of this legislation comes in the wake of current and former congresswomen coming forth to share their stories of sexual harassment in the workplace (Politico).
  2. Over 600,000 people signed up for Obamacare in the first four days of open enrolment, outpacing every previous year (CNN). Get it while you still can.
  3. The Senate passed a bipartisan suicide prevention bill that aims to simplify the process of calling a Suicide Hotline. The legislation, sponsored by Senator Donnelley, aims to make improvements such as the National Suicide Hotline being changed to a three-digit number (IDS).
  4. Tuesday’s election was not a nightmare. Democrats won key governor races in New Jersey and Virginia. There were also many firsts in local races, such as Ravinder Bhalla being elected the first Sikh mayor in New Jersey, and Danica Roem becoming the first openly transgender candidate elected as a state legislator in U.S. history (Politico).



Bad News

  1. Politico recently conducted a poll that 82% of those who say they voted for Donald Trump last year would vote for him again if they had to do it over. The poll also showed that 76% were willing to back Trump should he run in 2020. (Politico). No ragrets.
  2. Russian President Vladimir Putin has accused the US of inventing doping allegations against Russian athletes in an attempt to influence next year’s presidential election. Putin claims that this move by the US was “a response to an imaginary interference in their election” (BBC). Idk but the 2018 Olympics are gonna be lit.
  3. President Trump’s former security guard said he rejected a 2013 Russian offer to send women to his Moscow hotel room (CNN). So basically, existence the pee tape is confirmed.


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