Week In Review 10/20/2017

Hello everyone,


I hope you all had a good week. It was nice to see you all and meet some new people at the Family Game Night on Wednesday! Here is your week in review. It’s a tad lengthy, so get comfortable.


Reproductive Rights Rally

WhenWednesday October 25, 6:30-8PM

Where: Dunn Meadow

What: IU Dems will be hosting a rally surrounding issues of reproductive rights and access to reproductive health care for everyone. We will have representatives from the following groups coming to speak: RAISE, Law Students for Reproductive Justice, All Options Pregnancy Resource Center, Association of Latino Professionals for America, and more! The Facebook event is here for you to share with your friends. Plz RSVP yes so that the Facebook algorithm is nice to us and shows people our things. If you bring a cool poster, you might end up on our Twitter.


A Thing Happening Today: Trivia Night to Support Prism

When: Friday October 20, 6-8PM

Where: Unitarian Universalist Church of Bloomington (that church by the baseball field)

What: You can donate for a chance to play in various trivia categories (including multiple LGBTQ+ themed categories) for a chance to win ultimate bragging rights. There will also be a rainbow dessert bar full of all kinds of goodies! If you’re like “what is Prism,” click here. If you’re like “omg I love Prism” and want to RSVP, click here.


A Thing Happening This Weekend: Your Voice Matters Canvas

When: Saturday October 21, 11AM

Where: Party Headquarters (116 S. Madison St.)

What: With no elections in 2017, there are no candidates to promote or races to win. However, Democrats will be going door to door to lend an ear to voters who want to express concerns about local, state, and national issues. Volunteers for the Monroe County Democratic Party’s Your Voice Matters campaign will reach out to members of their community to ask “What do you want from your government?”


Now that fun things are out of the way, it’s time for news.


Good News

  1. The Indiana High School Athletic Association has suspended a referee after he walked out of a North Central girls volleyball game when a player practiced her first amendment rights by kneeling during the national anthem (IndyStar).
  2. Former Presidents Barack Obama and George W. Bush each took a swipe at President Trump this week, urging voters to reject “politics of division” and “bullying and prejudice” (Reuters). I don’t know that President Bush Jr. has ever been in a “good news” section, but hey.


Bad News

  1. A study released by the Metropolitan Police Department and a group called Lab @ DC concluded thathaving police officers wear body cameras has virtually no impact on officers’ use of force (NPR). I mean, really, truly, groundbreaking. Nobody saw that coming. It’s almost as if people are still racist even when they know they’re being watched.
  2. President Trump told a grieving widow of a US soldier killed in an ambush in Niger that her “guy” “knew what he signed up for”  (NYT). After the story gained traction, the President came for Congresswoman Wilson of Florida saying the story was “totally fabricated” (Twitter). Rep. Wilson fired back (Twitter) and the story still hasn’t made it out of the news cycle (NYT).
  3. The Spanish government vowed on Thursday to go ahead with taking direct control of Catalonia after accusing regional President Carles Puigdemont of failing to comply with an ultimatum to clarify whether he had declared independence (Politico). Viva la revolución.
  4. The Trump Administration is considering tightening the vetting process for women and children who wish to enter the United States as refugees (Reuters).


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See you next week!


P.S. If you are getting overwhelmed now that we’re in the thick of the semester, please remember that CAPS is a great resource on campus if you would like to talk to somebody. Everyone gets two free visits!


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