Week In Review 10/13/2017

Hello Dems,


I hope midterms went well for everyone and that you hopefully have a break to enjoy your weekend. Please remember to stay hydrated if you plan on participating in any “festivities,” homecoming weekend always sees a spike in hospitalizations. Here is your week in review, with a few internship opportunities sprinkled in!

It’s been a rough news week, so bear with me. ​

Family Game Night

WhenWednesday October 18, 7PM

Where: GIS room 1100

What: Midterms are rough, we know. To help lighten the atmosphere and provide our members with an opportunity to destress, the week’s meeting will be structured as a family game night. All your favorite games from the ice cream social will be there! Bring a friend. Bring a snack. Chill out.

Looking Ahead: Reproductive Rights Rally

WhenWednesday October 256-8PM

Where: Dunn Meadow

WhatIU Dems will be hosting a rally surrounding issues of reproductive rights and access to reproductive health care for everyone. We will have representatives from the following groups coming to speak: RAISE, IUNAACP, UndocuHoosiers, Law Students for Reproductive Justice, La Casa, and more!


Good News

  1. After much criticism by human rights advocates, the United States announced that they plan to demolish solitary confinement Camp Five Echo at Guantanamo Bay (Politico).
  2. Republican Senator Susan Collins announced today that she will not be running for governor of her state of Maine (Politico). Sen. Collins is a key moderate and valuable swing vote as Republicans hold the majority.


Bad News

  1. President Trump signed an executive order on Thursday (Politico) directing an overhaul of federal health regulations, calling it the first step towards fulfilling his campaign promise to repeal Obamacare.
  2. Former Jacobs School of Music Professor Guoping Wang, accused of sexually assaulting and holding a student in his office against her will, was sentenced to only two years of probation. Wang pleaded guilty to one charge of criminal confinement, a second charge of sexual battery was dropped as part of a plea deal (IDS). But don’t worry, IU and Bloomington totally have the backs of survivors and take these things very seriously.
  3. Twitter has deleted Tweets and other user data of potentially irreplaceable value to the Russia probe (Politico). This comes after one of the most powerful voices in the Harvey Weinstein scandal, Rose McGowan, lost access to her Twitter for unspecified violations of the site’s terms of use (Vox). But I mean yeah, these social media moguls are all super liberal and want to give people a platform.
  4. As of today, 29 additional women have come forward (NYT) accusing Harvey Weinstein of sexual harassment since the New York Times article published last week exposed his (NYT) behavior. @ everyone saying they should’ve come out sooner: STOP

Internship: Hoosier Action Voting Fellow

Applications are now open for five Democracy Fellows who will work as a team to

increase voter turnout on the I.U. Bloomington campus. As part of Hoosier Action’s efforts to empower disenfranchised groups within Southern Indiana, these fellows will be trained in the methods of community organization and will employ them to help students recognize the vital importance of voting and to create an organization that can greatly increase turnout in 2018 and beyond. See attached document for contact and application information.


Internship: Indiana Senate Democratic Caucus

Each spring the Indiana General Assembly offers full-time (M-F, 8:30am-4:45pm, minimum 35 hour work week), immersive, and paid internship opportunities for current college students as well as recent graduates. The internship will run from Late December/Early January through the middle of March 2018. Information on how to apply can be found here.


As always, be sure to follow us on Twitter and like us on Facebook to stay up to date on the latest IU Demshappenings. To find other events in the Bloomington area, check out the IU Dems master calendar.


Have a good weekend and stay safe! We’ll see you next Wednesday.

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