Week In Review 10/6/2017

Hello Dems,


I hope you are all doing well. Below are a couple upcoming events I think you should all be aware of.


Las Vegas Vigil

When: Sunday October 8 at 7pm

Where: outside Bloomington City Hall

What: Join together this Sunday evening outside City Hall to honor and remember the victims and survivors of the Las Vegas attack. There will be speakers, music, poetry, multi-denominational prayers and more. Contact Allie if you are able to donate candles, lighters, and/or audio equipment or if you would like to help out.


LGBTQ+ Activism

When: Wednesday October 11 at 7pm

Where: GIS room 1100

What: In celebration of National Coming Out Day, next week’s meeting will be joined by the LGBT Culture Center’s social work intern. They will be talking with us about how we can all be better activists for the LGBTQ+ community. All are welcome and you can RSVP here.


Good News

  1. In the wake of the tragic and probably preventable Las Vegas massacre, the NRA announced that they will back new regulations on semi-automatic rifles (NBC). It’s okay if your jaw dropped, mine did too.

Bad News

  1. Attorney General Sessions, under direction of President Trump’s Administration, has rolled back workplace protections for transgender people (WaPo). In practice, this means that the AG will no longer argue that discrimination against transgender people falls under discrimination based on gender (CBS). This is the part now where cis people stand up and stop being so complacent.

  2. President Trump has rescinded the requirement that employer health plans cover birth control methods on the grounds that certain companies or nonprofit groups have oral objections to birth control (NPR). Apparently there are no moral objections to forcing people to become parents when they don’t want to.

  3. After a referendum in which 90% of Catalans voted for independence, despite Spanish police attempts to suppress voters with brutality (Al Jazeera), the Catalan Chief of Police is being investigated for accusations of sedition (BBC). If this entire situation is incredibly confusing to you, you’re not alone.


As always, be sure to follow us on Twitter and like us on Facebook to stay up to date on the latest IU Dems happenings. To find other events in the Bloomington area, check out the  IU Dems master calendar.

Have a good weekend! Safe travels if you are going home.

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