Week In Review 9/29/2017

Hello everyone,

I hope you had a pleasant week. Big shout out to everyone that came out to Wednesday’s gerrymandering meeting, especially Kate from Monroe County League of Women Voters for speaking! Here​ is the documentary she mentioned if anyone was looking for it.

IU Dems & College Republicans Debate

When: Monday October 2, 7:00-8:30pm

Where: IMU Dogwood

What: This semester’s debate topics are: healthcare, school vouchers, and the minimum wage. You DO NOT want to miss this.

Good News

  1. Republican Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner signed into law a bill that will expand public funding of abortions, including Medicaid recipients, in the state of Illinois.
  2. In case you have been living under a rock hundreds of NFL players, coaches, and owners protested during the national anthem by kneeling on Sunday. This mass spark in increased protests from members of the NFL came after President Trump’s tweets towards members of the League last Friday (Politico).

Bad News

  1. In the wake of Betsy DeVos’ horrible announcement rescinding Obama-era policies on dealing with campus sexual assault (Politico), some of the Its On Us posters on campus advocating for consent education were taken down and replaced with posters similar in appearance but very different in content. IU has released a statement denouncing the posters but this is just one sad example of the ever present rape culture that is rampaging the United States and we’re all still waiting to see if anything will actually happen (IDS).
  2. Indiana Attorney General Curtis Hill plans on appealing a permanent injunction ordered by a federal judge against House Enrolled Act 1337 signed into law by former Governor Mike Pence. This is the law that prohibits women from obtaining an abortion due to the disability, race, or gender of a fetus, and also that stated a funeral for fetal remains would be required following an abortion procedure (IDS).
  3. More on abortion rights: The House plans to vote on a bill, the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act, next week that would ban abortion after 20 weeks (The Hill).
  4. Thousands of containers full of supplies are sitting undistributed at ports in Puerto Rico. Nearly half of the island is without access to clean water, and the entire island is currently without electricity (NPR).
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See you Monday!

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