Week In Review 4/14/2017

4/14/17 Update

Here is your week in review. It’s been a busy week, so buckle up. We also have some information about upcoming events that might be of interest to many of you. (You could also find  upcoming events that might be of interest to many of you on the IU Dems master calendar. Yes, that’s a shameless plug.)

The Future of the U.S. Constitution
What: Join national constitutional experts, including national constitutional experts, including former top advisors to Presidents and Senators, for a day-long symposium examining the greatest constitutional challenges of our time. The symposium will cover topics including, presidential power, congressional dysfunction, the Supreme Court, voting and Second Amendment rights. ​For more info on the event, you can go here.
Where: IU Maurer School of Law, Moot Court Room
When: ​TODAY 9:00AM-5:15PM (*It is set up like a conference, so you can come and go to various sessions as you please.)
CDIN State Elections
What: The annual College Democrats of Indiana state convention and elections are coming up! You do NOT need to be an executive board member of IU Dems to run for a position. Information on candidate roles and procedures can be found here. General attendees must fill out this form. Interested candidates must fill out this form. The Facebook event is here.
Where: Butler University, Pharmacy Building room 150 (*We will probably be aranging a carpool, so don’t let your lack of transportation deter you from running and/or attending.)
When: April 29, 10AM-3PM
ACLU Benefit Concert
What: Several doctoral students from the Jacobs School of Music are putting on a small concert to benefit the ACLU. There will be several solo pieces and a variety of small group classical music. The event is free, but any donations will be going directly to the ACLU Indiana Foundation. This would be a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon relaxing before finals begin, not to mention the great organization that you would be supporting. The link to the Facebook event is here.
Where: Unitarian Universalist Church of Bloomington – 2120 N Fee
When: Sunday April 30, 2PM-3:30PM
Call to Action
What: If you have not yet heard the terrors of Indiana SB 404, essentially it mandates that a parent/legal guardian be notified if an individual under 18 is seeking an abortion or information about receiving an abortion. The measure is hidden under the guise of “parental rights” but the bill has nothing to do with protecting children. If you vote in Indiana, or are simply a person living in Indiana who would be affected by this bill, please call Governor Holcomb’s office and tell him to veto SB 404.
Who: Governor Holcomb’s number is (317)-232-4567.
How: Hello, my name is [NAME] and I live in/vote in [ZIP CODE]. I am calling to urge Governor Holcomb to veto SB 404. The bill is reckless and would likely cause further harm to the very victims they claim they wish to protect, and is fraught with unintended consequences. Thank you for your time.

Bad News

  1. ​​Despite the absolute failure of the AHCA, healthcare may be under attack again (Fortune). President Trump previously said that he will be moving his focus from healthcare to tax reform, but in the fashion of the administration he changed his mind. The President said earlier this week that in order for tax reform to take place, the ACA must be repealed (The Hill).
  2. Following last week’s move by The President to launch 59 missiles (CNBC) at a Syrian air base – while eating chocolate cake – another order was given to drop the most powerful non-nuclear bomb in the world on an ISIS target in Afghanistan (NBC). You may or may not consider this military action a problem, but the larger issue at play is that all of this is escalation (VOX) is occurring with seemingly no long term strategy (Politico).
  3. The birthday of the founder of North Korea (Kim Il-Sung) is this weekend, and to celebrate it looks like the country is going to execute a very large nuclear test (The Guardian). President Trump has publicly insisted that China will deal with the “North Korea problem” (Twitter) but he has also stated that if China does not, then the U.S. will (Twitter) what even does it mean to “solve the problem” and does POTUS even know. The President’s words have embarrassed North Koreans, and an official from the country warned that we will go to war if the U.S. does not become less vicious and aggressive (CNBC).
  4. Sean Spicer, White House press secretary, said that Hitler never used chemical weapons in a press conference earlier this week (NYT). Spicer was attempting to make a justification for military action in Syria against President Assad, but it was a horrible comment that he later apologized for (CNN). Spicer’s comment is just the latest string of anti-Semetic incidents from the Trump administration (CNN) and highlights the already existing red flags about how racist the White House staff is (HuffPo).
  5. In Indiana bad news, lawmakers are pushing to revive a bill that would allow victims of domestic violence to carry a firearm without a license (IndyStar). While this may sound like a good idea on the surface, this law would actually enable their abusers, as a victim in a violent situation is far more likely to have their weapon turned against them than they are to protect themselves (The Atlantic).

Good News

  1. ​After the United flight disaster earlier this week in which a man was dragged off an airplane (USA Today), suffering a concussion and broken nose, the airline will now go under congressional investigation (CNN). The event has also led to a new bill introduced by Senator Van Hollen called the “Customers Not Cargo Act” (Van Hollen website).
  2. President Trump has shifted his position yet again, and appears to be moving toward a more globalist approach to foreign policy (ABC). President Trump congratulated himself for transforming NATO into a “modern, cost-sharing, terrorism-fighting pillar of American and European security” (NYT). Regardless of the fact that NATO has not actually changed in the last few months, this change in ideology means Steve Bannon could become less and less relevant in the West Wing, which is good because nobody likes a racist.
We hope you all have an excellent weekend, and we hope to see you at one of the many events we are supporting!

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